Tournaments_2021-2022 Tom's PA Wrestling

PowerAde JV 12/28 PowerAde Girls' 12/28 Trojan Wars ...
PowerADE Main Event Conestoga Valley Tony Iasiello Memorial  
Southmoreland Ironman Bethlehem Holiday Classic  
Jim Thorpe Battle at the Bridge VA Gov Mifflin  
Ralph Wetzel Tourn      


       Lots more coming soon- including earlier in the season.    


Find out who in in the tournament.. none of can remember all of their previous accomplishments.
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Tom Elling's 2021-2022 PA Wrestling Handbook

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Nearly 400 pages with a compilation of wrestling information you can have at your fingertips.
1. List of all returning wrestlers by school with their lat year's Wr., W-L and places in PIAA Series.
2. Top 100 wrestlers in AAA and AA

3. NCAA, Big Ten, and other Collegiate info.
4. Olympic results, Fargo, MAWA NHSCA and more.
5. Results since 1999 for PIAA TEAM tournament
6. Expanded Girls'/Women's wrestling.
7. Much more...
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