Why become a member of the PWCA?


Student-Athlete recognition- your membership enables you to nominate wrestlers from your school for the PWCA All-Academic Team and PWCA Scholarships.


Coach of the Year nomination- only members of the PWCA can be recognized as COY at both District and State levels.


PIAA Wrestling Steering Committee- The PWCA has a strong representation and a voice on this committee striving to improve high school wrestling in our state.


PWCA Hall-of-Fame- Established in 1970, the PWCA has inducted over 250 wrestlers into itís Hall-of-Fame. 


PWCA Coaches Convention- The PWCA Convention Committee has successfully established one the premier coaching clinics in the USA.


Mission Statement 

            The Pennsylvania Wrestling Coaches Association is a professional organization committed to provide leadership for the betterment of interscholastic wrestling in the state of Pennsylvania. Throughout its organization, the PWCA addresses positive and developmental aspects needed for the sport of interscholastic wrestling in Pennsylvania. Recognizing the value and worth of interscholastic athletes, the organization strives to foster coaching professionalism and excellence. The promotion of positive experience in interscholastic wrestling is certainly the cornerstone of the organizational structure.